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Personal Shopping

Do you need a special outfit for an important event? Are you dreaming the best dress for your date? Do you want to find the best deal of the local shopping scene? Our personal shoppers will help you buy exclusive items on your budget and based on your style.

Price starting from $80 per hour.

Price includes: A personal schedule with fashion tips and suggestions about local stores to visit.

Wardrobe consulting

Are you tired of your clothes? Do you have a wardrobe full but nothing to wear? Are you tired of your look? Do you want to modernize your wardrobe?

By selecting this service, our fashion experts will give you a home-consultation one on one styling tips. Based on your budget, you will purchase new trendy items. No budget? No worries! We can create new outfits with your existing items.

Price starting from $90 per hour.

Price includes: A personal look book with pictures and latest tips.

Style and look makeover

Is your look out of date? Are you looking to change your style but you don’t know how to start? Do you want to keep up with the latest trend of the season?

Our Fashion Consultants will study your personal information, based on your body shape and skin color, they will find the best solution for you.

The price for a 2 hours consultation starts at $180.

Price includes: A personal look book with pictures, latest tips and suggestion about local stores to visit .

Full price

Closet organizing

Are you looking for new storage solutions? Tired of searching to see what you have? Looking to get rid of the old and replace with something new?

Our fashion experts will help you navigate your closet easily, finding the best storage solution. You will also learn an organization strategy to follow in the future.

Price starting from $90 per hour.

Price includes: A personal file with instructions about the new organizing strategy.

Image consulting

Are you looking for a new haircut? Looking for new makeup? Are you try to find the trend of the season that will compliment your figure?

By selecting this service, our fashion consultants will help you to analyze your current look. Based on your skin complection, body figure and facial shape they will suggest you the best option to improve your image.

The price for a 2 hours consultation starts at $200.

Price includes: A personal scheduling with your personal information about body figures and color analysis.

Shopping on demand

Tired of dealing with long store lines? Confused what to purchase? Do you want to shop but you are out of time?

For those who don’t love shopping, we have the best solution! Our fashion expert will shop for you delivering the items you need on the same day.

Price starting from $90

Price includes: A maximum of 10 fashion items delivered in Manhattan. Deliveries in Brooklyn and New Jersey might have additional fees.

Full price

All the services include a special discount code to redeem for the next consultation. Appointment must be scheduled at least 3 days prior. For special requests and more information please email us at or call us at +1 (646)-642-4043